Welcome on board!

Hello and thank you for joining me for my spin-off blog The-Writing-and-life-goddess.com. I thought I’d better spilt this off from my cooking blog before my cooking followers got driven mad by writing updates and vice versa for those who write and maybe not that hungry!

I’ve always had a passion for writing, and when I started the cooking-and-life-goddess.com in the begining I worried that I might not have enough to say/give on a weekly basis! Typical, a writer should never really worry about that! Seems now that I have 3 blogs from the first! So now I have:

www.the-cooking-and-life-goddess.com     www.the-paleo-and-life-goddess.com      and this one www.the-writing-and-life-goddess.com

Which might be a little more daunting for me initially! Now I need to create more recipes (which means even more eating! yikes I’ll never lose any weight at this rate!) and have committed myself to more stories! But a little pressure is always good to motivate a writer I find!

So welcome on board and please feel free to comment of open a discussion I’d be very interested to here your thoughts! Cybs 🙂


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