The Timecapsule – Part 12 – Follow on from Today’s Author Write Now Prompt 24 June

‘No, I have met 3 other versions of you. Each have had the injection. But it appears that it’s only you who hasn’t rejected it.’

‘What do you mean, reject it? What happens if their bodies reject it?’

‘They die.’ Mark went white, felt sick and nearly threw up. Was it the news or was it the fact that this woman handles a car like a stock car rocket. ‘Do you always drive like this?’

‘Actually, we don’t have machines like this, this is great fun!’

‘Glad you’re enjoying yourself!.’ she glanced over and laughed, ‘Please tell me more..’

‘Well, as I mentioned the other three died, and as it turns out that was a saving breath,’ this threw Mark, did she mean saving grace? Were expressions different in a different dimension?

‘Anyways, the serum that you injected, allows you certain abilities and there is a powerful group who want to get their hands on that ability. You might remeber the guys in those space suits when this all kicked off?’ Mark nodded remembering.

‘So what does this serum allow me to do?’

‘Well, it doesn’t really allow YOU to do anything, it’s more how it affects your lineage in the future. They want to extract it from you, and then they will probably try and kill you because they can’t take the chance that you might naturally develop these antibodies.’

‘But we don’t have anything like that in this dimension. If we don’t have powers, isn’t it likely that that will remain the same into the future?’

‘True’, she conceded, ‘but no one is prepared to take that chance.’

‘So if they want to destroy my lineage, then that means they must be after my wife and children? Holy shit, I’ve got to get to them! What happens if they’ve already caught them? They could be dead and I wouldn’t know!!’ Mark’s voice was raising and the pitch getting higher, his eyes looked like a crazy man’s and the car suddenly became very claustrophobic, he needed to get out and run, run to his family, but he knew that was futile right now.

‘I completely understand you’re fears. But I assure you, for now it’s just you they are after.’

‘Who are you to me? Why are you involved?’

‘I’m your great great great great grand-daughter, Reisse,’ as she offered her hand by way of introduction with a cocky smile. ‘Apart from being family, I’m also a neuro-scientist and metaphysician and my abilities allow me to see into matter, whether that is a human, animal or mineral, I can tell what it’s exact composition is.’ She was grinning for ear to ear, ‘Pretty cool abilities eh?!’

‘Yes? But can you see anything in me?’

She laughed, ‘That’s everyone’s first question when I tell them. Guess its human nature’, she smiled and shrugged. ‘But no, apart from the obvious exhaustion, you’re not in bad shape, so nothing to worry about there.’

‘What am I going to do? Where are you going to take me?’

‘I want to take you across into our dimension. But there are only several doorways that materialise at certain points over ley lines. If you can imagine six lines, each moving back and forth at different speeds from left to right. First you have to determine when certain lines will be aligned, and then when you finall get them, you’ve got to be quick to get through, especially if those guys are still on our tails, they’ll probably be heading in the same direction as us.’

‘Yea, it’s difficult to out run someone who already knows what you are going to do. So what’s the point? Surely I’ve lost before I’ve started?’

‘Not exactly. There are the decisions you instinctively make. They are the ones they can track, because you’ve done those following a path that’s easy to predict. However, if you are aware and conscious of your choices, you can choose to make an out of character decision, and that will show up as a ripple and should throw them off whilst they recalibrate to work out where you’ve gone. So hopefully that will give us a fraction of a lead time.’ This gave Mark a little more hope, though not that much.

‘There, we need to go up there on the left.’ But just as they turned the corner they came face to face with another car, a big Cheroke Jeep, headlights on war mode on full beam, causing them to come to a screeching halt, throwing Mark forward, banging his head. Reisse then frantically put the car in reverse and hit the road they’d just come off, whilst she threw something from her hands at the corner so when the jeep drove over them something disabled the car immediately, giving them a split second lead.

‘Quick, I’ve chucked mini dislodgers to disable them, but it wont last long. We need to dump the car and carry on on foot if we’re to get to the doorway in time.’ So driving the car off the road and into the bushes, they hid the car, and quickly brushed away the tire tracks with branches.

‘Come, we’ll take off up here,’ Reisee motioned Mark to follow, but just as his hand touched hers he heard a gun shot and Reisse’s hand went down, along with the rest of her.

‘Reisse! Reisse? Don’t die! Please, I can’t do this alone!’

‘You have to go on Mark. Here, take this,’ She handed him a bracelett with to forks charms, ‘Head for the old Church, that’s usually where these ley lines are. Cross the forks over each other and when they start to shake you’ll know you’re near the door. You’ve got to get through to the other side. When you do look for Freshima Ode, she’ll be able to help you.’

‘I can’t leave you like this Reisse,’ as he tried to pick her up to carry her on. ‘Mark you have to go, they’re right behind us, leave me.’

‘But you’ll die, they’ll kill you!’

‘You are more important Mark, this affects thousands of people, not just one person,’

‘But every life counts. You’re my whatever gransdaughter! How can I leave you?!’

They heard noises behind them. ‘GO! NOW!’ and with that last order Reisse’s head dropped to the side. Now he had no choice, now it was was life or death and he knew which one he preferred. So grabbing the bracelet he headed off in the direction Reisse had pointed to.



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