Today’s Author Write Now Prompt – 3 Oct – Come fly with me.

When the wind blew a certain way, it brought a scent that reminded him of his grandmother’s house.

It was beautiful here, like an etherial dream and he felt that everywhere he went, he almost floated. It was amazing, he could see and smell and touch, even if no one could see him and if he wanted to fly all he had to do was feel light, lift his leg and then he was up off the ground, soaring high above the houses, over the churches with his arm span wide, he glided and swooped and turned in sheer happiness. He was amazed he could see so much and the wonderful heady scents that lifted into the air filled him like an uplifting light was carrying his soul.

He flew over Richmond, down over Kew, past the River Thames and over toward Chiswick where high in the sky everything looked so small. In his mind he thought of Rachel and within a split moment he found himself outside her house, standing in front. He wondered if she was sleeping? And with that thought he appeared in her room, with her completely unaware. She was sleeping soundly, her red hair in a wild mess with her face stuff into her pillows and her leg hanging off the side of the bed. He smiled. He loved how her personality was reflected in her appearance, she was vibrant and full of life and everything he could have wished for. But they’d had a fight, and his love for her was proving just to intense and she’d wanted a break. Reluctantly he’d agreed, but he missed her desperately and if this was the only way he could see her, then this was the way it had to be. He could have stayed there all night, just watching her sleep, but even he felt that was a bit creepy so decided he would go and check something else out.

He thought of flying again and with that his body became light as a feather and he drifted upwards as he spread his arms and prepared to cruise across the sky once more, he’d never get tired of this feeling which again lifted his spirits as he left Rachel behind. He didn’t know if they were going to resolve their issues, he just prayed they would, but he knew he had to give her space, no matter how much it ripped him apart.

The elation of flying was short lived, when he suddenly felt himself hurtling at a ridiculous speed back to the earth and the very next minute he was back in his bed, being shaken awake by a very angry Rachel.

‘Did you think I wouldn’t know?!!!’

‘Know what?! What have I done?!’

‘You know damn well! I asked you to give me some space and then you spy on me?!’

‘I never spied on you! I’ve been here in my bed all night!’ Neil was feeling a little flushed from guilt, but he hadn’t exactly lied, he had been in his bed the whole time, it was just his astral body that had been out and about and she couldn’t possibly know that.

‘You’re not the only one you know who can astral travel. I saw you, just as you left! Why?!’

Neil hung his head, caught out and shamed. In a small voice he simply replied, ‘I missed you. I didn’t see the harm but I hardly stayed when I realised where I was, you have to believe me!’ He was sounding a little pathetic at this point, he knew he’d done the one thing she had asked him not to do and was starting to realise that there might not be any going back from this.

‘We’re done, aren’t we?’ he muttered as his chin hit his chest.

‘No,’ she replied as if she were talking to a difficult child, ‘but you’ve got to give me the space I need and you need to promise never to astral travel into my room again. I will always know you know,’

Neil’s heart lifted, he was sure he had blown it. ‘I promise. I’ll just stick to the flying and wait for the time we can fly together.’ He could see her features soften and she smiled.

‘Actually, flying together, now that would be pretty awesome! Now behave and I’ll see you soon.’ On that note, he felt reassured, especially now he had  something amazing to look forward to.





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