The Timecapsule – Part 11 – Follow on from Today’s Author Write Now Prompt 24 June

‘Oh shit…. that can’t be good! It’s been hard enough for us to find a way to connect with the future, how the hell do we handle another dimension?!’

Professor Leman made his excuses and left them to ponder the next conundrum.

‘What’s with him? Couldn’t he have hung around and helped us?’ said Mark, bewildered by his sudden departure.

‘Yea, that’s just him man, he’s always like that, in a universe of his own.’ Rex wasn’t in the slightest bit phased, ‘you know, the principles should still be the same. Ideally, in the collective unconscious, all dimensions should be accessible, so I think it we continue the way we’re going we should start to get some answers.’

Mark still felt deflated. Admittedly they weren’t at a dead end but still, all he could think of was he hadn’t seen his family in days and he had no idea if they were all safe, and the more he thought, the more the responsibility weighed on him.

‘I think we need to rest now man, we’ve at this for ages. My mom has a B&B, I’ll give her a call, but you need to get some sleep so we tackle this again tomorrow and that will allow me she time to get someone to cover my classes so I can help you.’

Mark didn’t want to stop, he felt his entire world was under pressure but at the same time he knew he would be being unreasonable to if he said no, and he really did feel shattered. SO he took Rex up on his offer and made his way to Wuthering Heights B&B, which he thought probably wasn’t the most auspicious name for somewhere that was supposed to be a safe haven. He appreciated these little diversions of irony. For a split second he was a normal man, and then it was gone again.

That night, whilst he tried to sleep, he heard a buzzing. It was like having a mosquitos determined to aggravate him but he knew if wasn’t an insect, it was too big and he was certain that a quick glimpse of it showed it to be more mechanical than organic. All he wanted to do was sleep. A second later something stung him and immediately he was out like a light.

‘Mark? Mark? Come with me, you need to leave here, please follow me….’ Mark stirred, he was groggy but let himself be guided by this gentle voice as she took him by the hand and lead him.

‘Who are you? What do you want? Where are you taking me?’ He’d had so little real sleep he felt drugged, still trying to hold of his faculties.

”We just need to get you away right now, someone is coming and they can’t find you!’ Mark tried to focus and as he did this young woman with long flaxen hair and green eyes smile anxiously back at him.

‘Who wants me? What do they want from me?’

‘I believe whatever it is is in your blood stream and we need to protect you.’

‘Please anwser me this, are you from my future or are you from another dimensional timeline?’ She looked shocked, as if she hadn’t expected him to have worked this out.

‘We need to talk and I’ll tell you everything I can but we need to get away as quickly as possible, they’ll be back any time.’

‘I’m not going anywhere until you start talking. I’ve had to abandon my family who are off the grid and on the run and probably terrified, and I have no way of getting in touch with them; and whilst you seem very nice, how to do know who the hell to trust? How do I know they’re not the ones here to help me?’

‘I’ll tell you what you need to know, but we must go, this way!’ and for want of no other alternative Mark followed.

‘Yes, I am from a different dimension.’

‘So what the hell do you need me for? Surely you have a version on me where you’re from.’ She led him to a black Ford Focus and no sooner was the door closed than they were off at break neck speeds.

‘That’s true, there is a version of you, but as I’m sure you probably already understand, in each dimension you are different. You are definitely not the same man in our dimension. In fact, you’re a hardened criminal who happens to be very dangerous and with the abilities he was due to have, he could have destroyed many people. So we had no choice but to search in other dimensions.’

‘So I’m not the first?’

‘No, I have met 3 other versions of you. Each have had the injection. But it appears that it’s only you who hasn’t rejected it.’

‘What do you mean, reject it? What happens if their bodies reject it?’

‘They die.’ Mark went white, felt sick and nearly threw up.



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