Thoughts on writing…. Spliting Focus

Sometimes it seems like you’ve written all the stuff you can on writing and then other times you realise there’s still so much to say. Just depends on your frame of mind, and for the last couple of weeks mine has been addled with drugs, and not the fun kind! What are the fun kind and can I have some please?! Kidney infection, followed by nasty cold, joined by row with new lodger who really isn’t working out, has kind robbed me of my creativity and left me with a run down woolley head which isn’t fit for much. I have tried to maintain the tasks I’ve set myself, but in some I put my paws up, I failed.

Its very easy when you love writing to get writing about anything and everything. I did when I started this blogging lark. But the one thing I’ve learnt over the past 6mths of blogging is, that you can end up being your own worst enemy. Yes it’s great to be interested in so many things, and to want to share these with everyone, but there’s only so much you can do and achieve. I’ve loved creating my cooking blogs, I’ve had a lot of fun doing them, and don’t get me wrong, I still love creating new and slightly off the wall recipes, but I’m not a professional. I’m a happy amateur who likes to play, and what does play become when it’s regulated and organised, yup, more like work. And I have a day time job for that!

So I’ve decided to prioritise things a little. First, I’ve taken the pressure off myself from having to create nearly 4 new recipes a week. Jeez my trousers will breath a sigh of relief – once I catch them from running away from me – get that ass gone they yell!! It’s time too, and money, it all adds up. Thankfully there are so many other wonderful creative bloggers out there who are still creating away, and I love sharing these wonderful finds with those who found me.

I thought this would then leave me more time for my writing blog, which is really where my passion lies, but running the two cooking blogs like magazines takes just as much time too! So what do I do? I create another blog! What a plank! But you see along with cooking, and writing, I also love photography, though again, we’re talking amateur! But I’ve got a good eye for a portrait, and not the sound like someone who should be on a police list somewhere, I love taking pictures of children, not in forced posed situations, just when they are being children. I’ve been lucky enough to have been asked to take a lot of photos at friends kids parties and they are fun to do. So I’m hoping it might prove a beneficial financial angle once I’m fostering.

So, there I go, completely ignoring my own advice about focusing. Ah stuff it! So what! Creatives can’t help being like children who see this and go ooooo and that and go ahhhhh! OOOO i have an idea!!

I know writers would love to have a control over their emotions etc, but we have to feel it big to translate it to the world!! And whilst now I would really like to get super imaginative and get cracking on my stories, but to be honest right now, I’d just rather whack! Straight over the head with a cricket bat thankyou to the bloody young upstart who thinks he knows it all and is constantly trying to out smart me!  Yea! If he was so bright he’d realise that out smarting me is easy! Fool! It’s out common sensing me he’ll never do!!

Funny how for some of us, probably so for a lot of writers, are governed by our emotions. When I’m truly pissed off, I might thump out an  angry letter at the object of my wrath, I need to vent, and my mind set is such that I’ll be buggered if the bugger is going to leave me with the anger they’ve created, no, they can have it, it’s one of those things that I just want to spit out and get away from myself. They created it, they can bloody well have it! Oops!

It’s not that I can’t write when I’m feeling like this, oh hell, I can write when I’m spitting bullets, there are many who have been struck with that particular sword and barely lived to tell the tale, and it does make for some powerful writing, but it’s got to be the right topic. Oh, and it doesn’t help if your hormones get involved then the anger gets really spicy! Now either my friends laugh their heads off at the diatribe that’s likely to escape the gaping hole called my mouth, or, they head bloody sharpish for the hills and go off grid!

But in that frame of mind, you really can write pretty powerfully! Problem is, trying to write creatively when all fired up like this, well you’re more in danger of writing Texas Chainsaw Masacre rather than Stephen King’s Langoliers. Right now, death of a lodger appeals. Or slow tumultuous torture of a university know it all grad works too…………. ponders….

The bottom lines to all this rambling is, get your emotions to work for you (and do as I say and not as I do I guess! she hides in shame!) If your angry write something warlike or empassioned. If you homesick, write heart felt, if your pissed write funny you catch my drift? 🙂 In my case, if you’re drugged – jut do everyone a favour – shut the hell up and get some sleep! 🙂


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