The Timecapsule – Part 10 – Follow on from Today’s Author Write Now Prompt 24 June

Rex couldn’t think what else to ask, and thought it was time to bring Mark out, besides, it wasn’t only Rex who was excited about this information, Professor Lemman had also become very alert.

‘You will awake refreshed and positive, finding it easy to remember everything that has happened in the last hour, 3, 2, 1 now wide awake!’ Mark sat up, feeling as if he had had a long refreshing sleep, and more than ever he was intrigued.

‘Do you think all the stuff that’s going on is because of this dark energy?’

‘It could be. This cosmic soup theory, is only just that right now. Nothing has been proven. They’re not even sure what dark matter or dark energy really is.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, there’s the one theory that it’s a cosmic liquid that actually makes up space; there’s another that we’ve got it all wrong and there is some kind of cosmic energy field, maybe that’s what they are tapping into, and then there’s something else I can’t quite remember what …’

‘I think what you are referring to is to do with what we call ’empty’ space, which actually isn’t empty it is full of cosmic particles that repeatedly create and decreate. Personally I like the cosmic soup version and I’d lay odds that it had something to do with gravity. I know they are trying to disprove Einsteins theories on this, but the man had some vision and I would doubt that he’s far off the mark.’

They all had a lot to think about and the room fell silent whilst each of them tried to come to grips with these heavy weighted theories.

‘So.’ said Mark, as if that sort of summed up everything, ‘What do we make of all of this?’

‘Man as it stands what are the facts?

1. It appears you have effected the timeline if Cassita was able to prevent that catastrophe that you saw in the original newspaper. Pity you don’t still have that, I’d like to see if the storyline has changed.

2. We’ve got a good idea of the general state on play in that timeline.

Professor Leman listened, but his mind was elsewhere trying to figure out whether there was anything he needed to do.

He knew as soon as Professor Kane had gone AWOL that inevitably he would be called in, there was only so far Rex could take Mark. That’s the way they had planned it If they wanted to throw Mark of course, but by the looks of things, they were doing a good job all by themselves! So all he had to do was monitor this situation.

Feeling confident that Mark was no closer to working out what was happening, Professor Leman decided to take his leave and leave Mark and Rex to it.

What he didn’t know was that one thought kept rattling around Rex’s head, and that was the fact that the newspaper was a different name.

Once Professor Leman had left, Rex turned to Mark.

‘I don’t know if the Professor has cottoned on but I think there’s something amiss here. I’m not even sure that it’s our actual timeline.’

‘But the cultural references seems to make sense?’

‘Yes they do, all accept the name of the newspaper.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, in our timeline our Newspaper is called The Winston Review, but in the newspaper you had it was The Winston Herald…’

‘What do you think that means?’

‘I’m not sure we are dealing with one of our timelines, I think we might be dealing with a dimensional timeline….’

‘Oh shit…. that can’t be good! It’s been hard enough for us to find a way to connect with the future, how the hell do we handle another dimension?!’


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