The Timecapsule – Part 6 – Follow on from Today’s Author Write Now Prompt 24 June

Finally one car on this lone road showed up just as he thought that the universe was working entirely against him. So once back on the road, now it was more important than ever to get to the Professor, he may just be the only person that could help him see what he needed to know.

Looking at his dashboard clock he figured he’d be in Winston by 1130am if his estimation was right. He wanted to feel some measure of relief that at least he was back on the road, but he felt utterly pulled in all directions and then he felt over whelming guilt. Whilst he was  consumed by recent events, he’d hardly been able to give much thought to his family. What kind of man did that make him?! He had to fight a burning urge to turn the truck around and head off after them, but then again, he just couldn’t risk it.

Two hours later he finally rocked up in Winston. It was bigger than he’d thought it would be, but then what made him think it would be a quaint little village? it had an university after all. Then he saw the sign post to Winston University. Finally, he breathed a sigh of relief, maybe now he’d finally get some answers.

Once he’d parked up he headed on in and asked the sparrow like bespectacled lady perched on reception where he could find Professor Kane. Without saying a word, she just wiggled her claw like digits for him to go off to the right, feeling her distain as she viewed him suspiciously. He followed the signs that lead him to Professor Kanes office, which was a lot further than just down the hall.

A strange feeling started to whell up in him as he went to knock on the door, something was already off but he didn’t know what. Just as his hand wrapped on the glass, the door gently swung open and either this Professor Kane was an eccentric mess or something untoward had happened in there. He looked around and there wasn’t a sign of the Professor. Now he was feeling utterly deflated and lost in his thoughts he didn’t hear someone come up behind him.

‘Oh man! Jez what the heck’s happened in here!’ Mark turned around to see a curly haired red haired chap in a multi-coloured rainbow waistcoat who could only have been about 19.

‘Do you know Professor Kane?’

‘Sure do, though this is all very rad man. Kane’s a neat freak, no way he’d leave his crib this way.’

An ominous feeling swept over Mark as he found himself a little unstable on his legs, he grabbed a chair and sat down.He couldn’t believe that he’d finally got here and now the Professor was nowhere to be found.

‘You here to see the Pro?’

‘Yes,’ he replied half heartedly. ‘Do you have any idea where he might be?’

‘No man, the dudes usually here before dawn, practically lives here. He’s late for a class, hasn’t made it to any of them this morning. You look like your worlds crushed, what you seeing him for?’

‘Oh, its nothing, probably a shot in the dark.’

‘Ah ha! That’s his speciality. Whole reason I was hooked on being his TA, mans a geniuous!’

‘You study with him?’

‘Yea man, I’m Rex, his TA, I stand in for him when he gets called on consulting stuff for the government. Seriously high profile dude!’

Suddenly Mark felt a flicker of hope. ‘Does that mean whatever I was coming to see the Professor for, I might be able to discuss with you?’

‘Sure man, don’t let my tender years fool ya! I’m a prodigy, got my first Masters in Psychology at 13yrs, got 6 all in all. So how may I be of service dude?’

Rex looked Mark up and down, ‘You know, my diagnosis for you is you need a serious injection of caffeene ma friend, come this way,’ and with that Mark followed him, off to the canteen.

Rex brought a couple of black coffees back to the table he’d deposited Mark at, ‘Listen man, I’m just gonna spread the word to the faculty that the Pro’s gone just in case there are some dark happenings, but you get to grips with that cup o’Jo and I’ll be right back.

Mark was relieved to be able to stop for a moment. It was good to feel the coffee as it made it’s way through his empty body as he realised that he hadn’t eaten in longer than he can remember. When Rex returned, Mark had already gone and grabbed a sandwich and was tucking in like starving scavenger.

‘Man, you is one hungry dude! So, tell me, what brings you to the Pro?’

Mark didn’t know where to start without it sounding like he’d need a straight jacket, but Rex picked up on the look. ‘Ahhhhh! freaky deaky stuff eh?! Listen, nothing you can say is gonna surprise me, we get all sorts of weird around here. You gota ghost problem? Something paranormal?’ Rex’s eyes were alight, clearly he was in his eliment. But Mark still couldn’t find the words to explain.


‘OK? I know Tulpas, what about them?’ now Rex was intrigued.

‘This is going to sound so far fetched. But this lady told me that I’d need a Tulpas to project myself forward,’

‘Man that’s totally Rad! I love it! Tulpas are usually present thought form manifestations, but projecting them forward! That’s a totally cool concept!’

‘Can it be done?’

For a while Rex thought. Grabbed his ipad and surfed for a few moments, ‘well, I’m not sure if it’s ever been done before…. but…..if I use Hypnosis to go forward instead of back and from there we try to create a Tulpas, it’s not outa the realms of possibility, but I can’t be certain.’

None of that made any sense to Mark.

Rex registered his confusion. ‘Man we can try, but it really is the Pro’s domain. It would be better if we could geta hold of him.’

‘I haven’t got much time and I’m desperate for some help.’ Rex looked down at Mark, his nails chewed, his hair greasy, the guy obviously hadn’t showered for several days, he looked a mess. But something about him made Rex feel for him, there was something urgent and tragic about him.

‘Well I’ve reported the Pro’s disappearance and state of his crib, but if you’d like, I can try and help you? But I guess you’re gonna have to fill me in on what this is all about?’

Mark thought for a few minutes. He wasn’t sure that he should be sharing his nightmare, he still didn’t know who he could trust, but in the absence of the Professor it seemed Rex might be his only option, so reluctantly he knodded and proceeded to explain exactly what he was hoping to achieve. He half expected Rex to say ‘hey Dude I’m outa here, you’re cracked!’ but Rex sat, listening attentively till Mark had finished, and when he’d reached the end of his story,

‘Right man, we need to get you connected to your future. If they can get back, we’ll find a way of getting forward. Follow me, we’re off to the sleep tank.’

‘But I thought you were going to use hypnosis?’

‘Yup, we are, but the Sleep tank has all the nobs and knockers we’ll need to keep you monitored. And besides, if this works, I’ll wana keep a record of it so we can get back again.’

Mark felt a mixture of extreme anxiety with a tinge of hope, but maybe now he’ll start to get some clarity, maybe now he’ll be a few steps closer to reuniting with his family.



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